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Mark Frost Questions:
M1. What are Mark Frost's other movies/shows? M2. How closely did Lynch and Frost collaborate on TP? M3. What happened to Lynch/Frost Productions? M4. What is "Storyville"? M5. What is "The List of Seven"? M6. What is "The Six Messiahs"? Answers:
M1. What are Mark Frost's other movies/shows? - "Hill Street Blues" (TV series) - "Storyville" (feature film, see below) [Other works TBS] TOP of section ------------------------------------------------------------ M2. How closely did Lynch and Frost collaborate on TP? Very closely at first. They jointly developed the pilot and stories for the first season. Frost was executive story editor of the second season through the resolution of Laura Palmer's murder. Lynch was involved mainly in the beginning and ending of the second season. Despite some persistent rumors, Lynch did not abandon TP during the middle part of the second season to complete his film "Wild At Heart" (see the timeline in issue #16 of "Wrapped in Plastic" for details). The visual style was basically Lynch and the other directors tried to stay in that vein. Reading Frost's novel "The List of Seven" (see question M5) reveals that much of the supernatural/mystical aspects of the show attributed to Lynch probably came from Frost. Besides Lynch and Frost, writers Harley Peyton and Robert Engels had the most influence on TP content. According to Peyton (in his "Wrapped In Plastic" interview), the first season writers were given detailed outlines for episodes. They could add their own touches, but only if Lynch and Frost decided that they fit. Apparently outlines for the second season weren't as detailed. (Maybe that is one of the reasons some people felt the second season was worse.) One big reason, though, was that Kyle MacLachlan objected to the plan to develop a romance between Coop and Audrey and make it the major thread to replace the Laura Palmer arc. Much of what we see after the end of the Laura Palmer arc were realy intended to be subplots to the main Cooper/Audrey one. When Lynch came back to do the second season final episode, he also threw a lot of the script out of the window (as can be seen from reading the description of the script in "Wrapped In Plastic"). He had not been in touch at all with the other writers, and some of what he did in the last episode was at odds with what they had planned for the third season, if there had been one. Frost is quoted in "Wrapped in Plastic" as saying it would have taken quite a bit of work to get things back on track. Although it is clear that Lynch and Frost had developed major differences toward the end, including Frost's disagreement over doing a prequel movie ("Fire Walk With Me"), rather than a sequel, it appears that they are currently on good terms, according to Frost's remarks when being interviewed about his novels "The List of Seven" and "The Six Messiahs" (see question M5 and M6). TOP of section ------------------------------------------------------------ M3. What happened to Lynch/Frost Productions? After several not-so-successful productions after TP ["American Chronicles", "On The Air", and "Hugh Hefner: Once Upon a Time"], the two had an amicable parting. Frost decided to pursue his own filmmaking and writing career. TOP of section ------------------------------------------------------------ M4. What is "Storyville"? Frost's feature film about political corruption and murder in New Orleans, starring James Spader. It is available on video and laserdisc. TOP of section ------------------------------------------------------------ M5. What is "The List of Seven"? "The List of Seven" is Frost's novel, set in Victorian England. It concerns Arthur Conan Doyle, a physician who spends his spare time debunking phony mediums. He goes to one seance where all is not as it appears, and it turns out to be real. As he is drawn further into this investigation, he meets up with a mysterious man, Jack Sparks, who is later the basis for Sherlock Holmes. TP fans will probably enjoy Frost's usage of Helena Blavatsky (founder of Theosophy and originator of the idea of the White Lodge) and the "dweller on the threshold". The book is reportedly being made into a movie, with Frost writing the screenplay. TOP of section ------------------------------------------------------------ M6. What is "The Six Messiahs"? This is Frost's sequel novel to "The List of Seven", again revolving around the adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle, this time during a visit to the United States, at a time when Doyle has finished writing the series of Sherlock Holmes books. One of the book's recurring themes is how Doyle is constantly hounded by Holmes fans, demanding to know how he could have killed off Holmes, and whether he will bring him back in a future book. This is Frost's not too subtle jab at his being hounded by TP fans during his book tour for "The List of Seven". TOP of section ============================================================