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What's New?

02/24/97 "Twin Peaks Online" is launched with FAQ v3.0
         and links to ftp site.

06/10/97 Twin Peaks Archives files transferred from
         University of Oregon FTP server.

Next step: updating links to TP web sites.


Early on February 24, 1989, Pete Martell discovered the nude
body of homecoming queen Laura Palmer "wra-a-a-pped in
plastic".  With this compelling scene, filmmaker David
Lynch and writer Mark Frost took television viewers to new
territory in 1990-91, with what many consider the most
distinctive and thought-provoking show of all time.
During the spring of 1990, the question "Who Killed Laura
Palmer?" drove millions of viewers to discuss, freeze-frame
and analyze a program as never before.

The Internet, in those days before the World Wide Web, was
dominated by "Usenet", the worldwide newsgroup system.
Almost overnight from the April 8, 1990 broadcast of the
"Twin Peaks" pilot episode, the newsgroup
was created and became one of the most active, as hundreds
of postings were made each week, as participants attempted
to unravel the mysteries of the latest episode.

As participants discussed anything and
everything remotely, possibly related to the show, a
collection of information began to informally grow.
Hosted first at a university in Australia, the "audrey"
archives (named after Audrey Horne) and then at the
Univesity of Oregon, the Twin Peaks Archives now have a
permanent home at

The charter of this web site is to provide fast-loading,
content-rich, platform-independent web access to the
accumulated wisdom and info of "Twin Peaks" fans on the
Internet, and to be the first resource for new or old
fans of the show.

As an "all volunteer" effort, your patience (with pages
under construction) and your participation (with updated
info) is appreciated.

A word about our format (our lack thereof): this site is
"dehanced" without graphic-laden pages, backgrounds,
icons, or image maps; without Shockwave, Java, GIF
animations, or gratuitous entry pages; without frames,
blinking tags, or hard to read color combinations.  It is
"enhanced" only with INFORMATION that loads fast, can be
quickly and easily navigated, and is presented in 60-column
monospaced type that can be easily and consistently used on
ALL web browsers, from Netscape to Internet Explorer to
WebTV to Lynx.  For "cool" looking TP web sites, we direct
you to our list of links.


- "Twin Peaks Online" was designed and is maintaned by
  Jim Pellmann.
- The Twin Peaks FAQ v1 was originated by Janet Swisher;
  v2.x were written by Jim Pellmann and Rich Haller;
  v3.0 was updated and reformatted by Jim Pellmann;
  all consolidating the many contributions of participants.
- The "audrey" Twin Peaks Archive was developed by
  Peter Asenstorfer, and currently maintained by
  Rich Haller.
- The "Twin Peaks Online" logo was designed by Mike Sellers.