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I1. Is there an anonymous FTP site for TP info? I2. What can I find in the References and Archives sections? I3. What other TP lists/info are available? I4. Are there TP GIF files/sound files available? I5. Is there a TP mailing list? I6. Is there a WWW home page for TP? I7. Do any cast members have e-mail addresses? Answers:
I1. Is there an anonymous FTP site for TP info? There have been several anonymous ftp sites for the archiving of TP material, but these sites are no longer operational, and the material has now been consolidated and moved to the "Twin Peaks Online" website in the References and Archives sections. TOP of section ------------------------------------------------------------ I2. What can I find in the References and Archives sections? You will find various TP-related lists and files, including: - the short-form episode guide (see question E4) - the long-form timeline (see question E4) - the complete cast list (see question E12) - transcripts of the new episode introductions for the Bravo rebroadcasts, written by David Lynch and presented by the Log Lady (see question G5) - the "allusions" lists of the character names, plot points, themes, and references to other movies, shows, books, etc. (see question E16) - the episode 29 annotated timeline, incorporating comments from readers on the series finale from the time of its original broadcast in June 1991 (see questions E43 through E45) [file: final.episode] - the "missing scenes" from FWWM--scenes in the shooting script for the movie, but which did not make it into the final cut (see question F5) - other goodies TOP of section ------------------------------------------------------------ I3. What other TP lists/info are available? Readers of love to make lists. Here are some of the ones that we have heard are being compiled (we need names and addresses of the coordinators/contacts for each of these--please write to us if you are in charge of one of these lists, or are willing to work on one of them): - list of all continuity errors, discrepancies between the series episodes, movie, books, tape, card set, or other media - list of all music used in the series episodes and movie - list of all music which contain "samples" from, or parodies, TP - list of all video TP parodies ("Saturday Night Live", "Sesame Street", "Darkwing Duck", "TV or Not TV", "Northern Exposure", "Anything But Love", etc.) - lists of "all occurrences of <something>" (one person was cataloging all head injuries that occur) - a project to write exact transcripts of each episode (each episode assigned to a person) - a project to continue the awk-based database cataloging all names, places, and objects If you have another list, project, or idea, let us know. TOP of section ------------------------------------------------------------ I4. Are there TP GIF files/sound files available? Quite a few can be found in the Archives sections of this website. Some can also be found on the various TP WWW pages (see question I6). There are many other publicly accessible web sites with TP files. Try using a web search engine to find these. There are also a number of BBS's around that contain TP-related material. One to try is The Electric Cafe BBS at (805) 399-3636. The sysop is a "Peaks Freak" and there are over 100 GIF, JPEG, and text files available free of charge (except for long distance phone charges). For those in the UK: From: ( "B.A.Baird") Newsgroups: Subject: Twin Peaks BBS Date: 25 May 1994 15:28:36 GMT Organization: University of Strathclyde I thought some of the readers of this newsgroup in the UK might like to know about my BBS which has a large file section devoted to Twin Peaks. I have over 150 pictures, texts and samples about/from the series and film. Most of them are from the Archives, but not all :-) The number is 0698-275601 between 10pm and 7am in the UK, at all speeds up to V.3 2bis. The BBS is mainly Atari, but I'm sure you'll find something to interest you in the Twin Peaks area :-) Just gimme a yell if you come on-line... Cheers, Brian. or: From: Subject: New Twin Peaks BBS In The UK! Summary: New Twin Peaks BBS In The UK! Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 12:33:48 GMT Hi there! Ever wanted to enter The Black Lodge? Mage BBS in London, UK, has a discussion area for all Twin Peaks fans to stop by and chat. There are files galore from the series, and Megabytes of .WAVs! Find out the truth ... Join The Mage on Mage BBS. Mage BBS: (0181) 25 26 112 Sysop: Lisa Burke Speeds: Up to 28.8k (Try a slower speed if you have problems). ANSI, 8N1 If you're looking for particular photos/scenes/people, ask in the newsgroup. Most likely, someone will have what you're looking for or be able to point you to a source. TOP of section ------------------------------------------------------------ I5. Is there a Twin Peaks mailing list? These is not a "Twin Peaks"-only mailing list, but Mike Dunn ( runs a mailing list to discuss all of David Lynch's works, and there is quite a bit of discussion of TP there. To subscribe, send an e-mail message to: with a blank subject line and this line in the body: subscribe lynch-list TOP of section ------------------------------------------------------------ I6. Is there a WWW home page for TP? Yes, there are many! The following list was checked on February 24, 1997, at which time all were correct and
Set your favorite Web browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer, WebTV, Mosaic, Lynx, etc.) to one of these URLs: - Albert Rosenfield appreciation site: - Anders Paulshus' site for Norwegian fans: - The Black Lodge (also home of Lynch mailing list): - The Bookhouse: - TP site: - Brian Atkins' "Fire Walk With Me" samples page: - Create Your Own Adventure (CYOA) site: - Danny's TP site: - E.M. Bronneberg's TP site: - Gaute's TP site: - Great Horthern Hotel site: - The Grey Race TP site: - Gunnar Glaeser's TP site: - Jon Yager's Ultimate TP Reference site: - Leslie Bourke's TP site: - ManInBlack's TP site: - Mary Brown's TP site: - Mike Stephens' TP site: - Mjollnir's TP site: - Owl Cave: - Paulo F.M. Freire's TP site (from Brazil): - Post Toasties: The Twin Peaks Dream Site: - The Red Room: - Rich Haller's site: - Seth's Complete Twin Peaks Reference site: - Special Peaks Experience Loge, the Dutch fanclub: - Steve Davis' TP site: - Steve Kennedy's TP pictures: - Stimpy's Twin Peaks Experience: - Theres63's TP Windows 95 theme: - Twin Peaks Lodge: - TPLodge1: If you have or know of a TP-related web site not listed here, please write to us! TOP of section ------------------------------------------------------------ I7. Do any cast members have e-mail addresses? At one point, Sherilyn Fenn had e-mail through American Online, and occasionally posted messages and answered questions in From: (Babydol342) Newsgroups: Subject: Re: Audrey or Sherilyn? Date: 17 Apr 1995 18:26:25 -0400 Thanks TP fans, I will try to post here at least once a month (more if possible) and keep everyone up with what, where and who? If you post questions I'll try to answer them as soon as possible. Please no more proof questions; don't believe, don't ask, or email me. Thanks for all of your wonderful compliments and support!! But always remember one thing for all TP fans: Audrey never DIES!!!! not even in the vault! Take care and LOL to everyone!!!!!! Love Always, Sherilyn However, this account has since been closed, and no new address has been given. Michael Anderson (the Little Man From Another Place) has an e-mail address ( and offers his answering machine tapes (see question P2). (See also question L11.) TOP of section ============================================================